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Holla amigos and Bienvenue.

I am happy to have you here. My name is Chigoziri, but my family and friends call me Chigo, Chizzy, Goziri, Ziri, or Chichi for short. I am a mum to two beautiful little girls, an HR professional in a Bank by day and a fashion blogger by night. I speak fluent French after earning my Bachelor’s Degree in French Language and working in Francophone West Africa for over 9 years as an expatriate. I am also teaching myself Spanish one day at a time so espero que te quedes conmigo aquí.

When I am not putting outfits together, I am playing with my girls, studying Spanish online, watching a good movie, or cooking for my family. Being a mum has been the greatest part of my life and I wouldn’t trade the experiences for anything in the world. I have gone through body transformations which I have a love-hate relationship with. I love Jason Statham, pizza, polka dots and Gingham. I am a ”shoeholic”, a bag collector, a tech enthusiast, a sucker for discount codes and sales, and I don’t joke with God!

I am grateful to my family and friends who have been encouraging me to start this blog and to you, yes YOU, who is reading. Without all your love and support, I would not be where I am today. Thank you so very much.

xoxo, Chizzy